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Handpiece Maintenance Lubricant 1L

Handpiece Maintenance Lubricant 1L/bottle

Works with all high-speed and low-speed handpieces and accessories. Improve handpiece performance and prolong the handpiece life. Following the instructions of maintenance device to add lubricant.

The handpiece lubricant series products produced by Holy Medical have excellent product performance, it has the characteristics of low volatility and emulsification resistance in the environment of high temperature and high pressure and high speed of bearings, and it can maintain long-term excellent lubrication effect. The oil quality is excellent, it meets the test requirements of the national standard for heavy metal content. (GB/T 9735-2008(5.2) GB/T 610- 2008(4.1) GB/T 9723-2007 GB/T 259-1988, etc.)