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Dental Vacuum Former D-1

Dental Vacuum Former D-1
Quickly complete the heating and forming of the deep-draw variants.
For all deep-draw variants on the market.
Easy to use and clean.


Steel ball*1box

Steel ball bowl*1

Brush(including magnet)*1


Power cord*1


Model: D-1

Power input: AC220V/50HZ   AC110V/60HZ

Heating power: 400W

Vacuum power: 900W

Dimensions: 260×315×380mm

Net weight: 7.4kg(including steel ball)

Dental Vacuum Former D-1 is your best solution for making deep-draw variants.

Dental Vacuum Former D-1 is compatible with square and round sheets.

Beautiful appearance, solid and durable aluminum alloy body.

Set heating time, vacuum time, and vacuum intensity freely.

Large screen display.

Carbon fiber heating.

Overheat protection to prevent burns.

Accessory steel balls, convenient for pressing different types of models.

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